5 Great Philip Seymour Hoffman Movie Scenes

What set him apart from his peers what his ability to play wide range of characters and make them completely believable.

Philip Seymour Hoffman, one of his generation's most skilled actors, was found dead in a New York apartment on Sunday. He was 46.

Hoffman's range as an actor is what set him apart from his peers over the last 20 years. He played everything from a CIA analyst to a baseball manager to one of America's great authors.

Here are five of Hoffman's best scenes.

5. Charlie Wilson's War – Hoffman played a CIA analyst opposite Tom Hanks in the 2007 movie. The two worked together to help get the Soviets out of Afghanistan. The scene talks about what is happening in Afghanistan after the Soviets leave.

4. Boogie Nights — You forgot he was in this movie didn't you. One of Hoffman's strengths was playing an awkward character and that was certainly case the in Boogie Nights. This scene will make you cringe, but Hoffman' skill was able to make his somewhat pathetic character sympathetic.

3. Almost Famous — One of Hoffman's most memorable roles was when he played a mentor to young movie writer in Almost Famous. Here, he warns his protege about not being wooed by rock stars.

2. The Master — Maybe the creepiest character Hoffman played was the leader of a religious cult in The Master. He acts like a reasonable person, but as you can tell in this scene, he's completely crazy. (Note: A lot of bad words in this one.)

1. Capote — Hoffman won the Best Actor Oscar for his depiction of Truman Capote. It's one of the best acting performances of the last 20 years. In this scene, he's says goodbye to the murders he befriended so he could write a book about their crime.

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