If You Want To Game Like A Champ, You Need To Spend $$ Like One

Are you among the gamers willing to spend millions on software to give you an edge?

That computer you just spent a pretty penny on is pretty much a hunk of useless metal until the software gets going. 

The computer programs are what make our tech devices functional – after all, where would you be without Word or Excel when you have a big project due?

Plenty of software developers make their creations open source and free, but there are a few that are truly for the rich among us. Would you pay this much just for some video games or 

CryEngine 3 – $ 1.2 million

CryEngine 3, Most Expensive Softwares

CryEngine is gaming software designed by German game developer Crytek. Initially the software was developed just to demonstrate technology, but later it turned into game developing software. After the first two editions, the third updated version was released in 2009. The Engine works on Xbox, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 3. CryEngine 3 is the most expensive software ever made.

Unreal Engine – $ 750,000

Unreal Engine, Most Expensive Softwares

Unreal Engine, developed by Epic Games, is now the most popular game developing engine for first person shooting games. The latest edition of this software is Unreal Engine 4, and it is the most commonly used software in the game developing word with its code in C++. If you own your own gaming company, the cost is pretty much justified as the six-figure investment into Unreal Engine could potentially save you millions.

RenderWare – $ 250,000

Used in video games for creating virtual worlds, RenderWare was developed by Criterion Games. RenderWare earned its reputation for providing a suitable solution for PS2 programming for graphics. The software works on both Windows and Apple. It also runs on different video game consoles like Wii, Xbox 360, Nintendo GameCube and PlayStation 3.

Source Engine – $ 200,000

Source Engine Most Expensive Softwares

Source is a 3-D video game engine developed by Valve Corporation for first person shooting games. It debuted in June 2004, starting with "Counter-Strike" and followed shortly by "Half-Life 2," and has been in active development ever since. It also has Source Filmmaker, an editing software that works within Source Engine. Instead of new versions, the Source Engine has continuous updates.

VxWorks RTOS – $199,000

This one is for the very techy among us. Developed by Wind River Systems, VxWorks RTOS is a real-time operating system written in C, C++ and Java. Being one of the oldest and most common real-time operating systems, it is quite well-known. The software works on machines running on Linux and UNIX and has been especially developed for embedded systems. VxWorks RTOS’s most important uses are in programmable controllers, communication networks, transport, robots and spacecraft. 

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