6 People Having A Worse Monday Than You

Everyone dreads Monday. To help relieve you of those Monday blues and power through today, here are six people who have it even worse than you.

Mondays are never anyone’s favorite day. With the weekend behind and the start of another busy, chaotic work week ahead makes Monday a day most dread waking up to. You’re tired, the coffee just isn’t strong enough and the pile of work waiting for you feels never-ending. But despite Monday morning always feeling like beginning of a bad day, at least it’s comforting to know you are not the only one with the Monday blues. So while maybe bad traffic got you to work late, your boss yelled at you (again) and the only thing you have to look forward to is watching Netlfix alone tonight, these six poor souls prove things could be a lot, lot worse.


Hillary Clinton

Oh, Hillary, you’ve tried so hard. Everyone expected you to come out as the main frontrunner, and you gave it your all with fancy speeches and big fundraisers, but alas your campaign is gradually spiraling downward. Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is drawing huge crowds and leading the polls in New Hampshire. Polls now indicate that voters see her as untrustworthy (definitely hinting towards her email fiasco) and now former Vice President Al Gore and Vice President Joe Biden are rumored to run, taking away the one thing Clinton had going for her — a recognizable name. Some things just aren’t meant to be, Hillary.


"Last Week Tonight" host John Oliver exposed the fraudulent practices of televangelists who are essentially taking people’s money with empty, exploitative promises that the massive wealth will come back to you through God. The brilliant comedian even did his own experiment of establishing a church to show how easy it is for crook organizations to slip through the cracks under the guise of supposed healing faith.

This Unlucky Bullfighter

Bullfighter Saul Jimenez Fortes who was gored in the neck in May has returned to the ring — only to get gored in the neck again.

The bull’s horn went through Fortes’s chin and hit the base of his skull.

Bullfighter gored

The latest attack left him needing four hours of surgery and is now in stable but serious condition.

This Woman Getting Chased By A Koala Bear

Koalas may be cute and cuddly but beware because these little creatures just might decide to charge at you.

Youtube user Ebony Churchill caught video of a koala bear chasing her through a cattle field on an ATV. In between her panicked screams, the footage shows the koala leaping towards her and eventually latching himself onto the back of the vehicle.

This Weatherman Whose Report Was Interrupted 

A 4.0 earthquake rattled the San Francisco Bay Area this morning causing quite the shake-up for this weatherman’s forecast.

Midway through KTVU’s Steve Paulson’s forecast, the Piedmont-centered earthquake struck and interrupted his live report. “Oh my goodness, oh my goodness! This is a good one!” Paulson said,. 

The clearly shaken weatherman was, fortunately, able to keep his cool on air.

Anyone Working At Amazon

A New York Times exposé alleges the company’s fierce competitive nature has turned it into a hellish experience for its employees who are left consistently crying at their desks and encouraged to backstab each other. Amazon has taken working in a challenging atmosphere to a new level of sabotage and humiliation pushing the boundaries for what is acceptable in the workplace. Employers are supposed to strengthen an employee’s morale — not deplete it. 

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