Welcome To The Weirdest Election Ever

Apparently, they have a comedy show for an election Down Under.

For a country that goes to the polls every three years, New Zealand is exceptionally excited for this Saturday's general election. Never before has there been so much buzz around this island country's elections, and it's all boils down the weirdness of the event.

Here are five really strange things about the 2014 New Zealand general election alien to the traditional concept of voting.

One of NZ election's major players is Kim Dotcom. He is the founder of Megaupload.com – the defunct site that was the hub of all pirated content online in the pre-torrent era.

New Zealand Elections


The Kiwi election will also be contested by a coalition party called the Internet Mana Party. This is actually Dotcom's political party, and it advocates for cheap Internet, less mass surveillance and indigenous rights above everything else.

New Zealand Elections


The ruling party's leader and the incumbent Prime Minister John Key is currently embroiled in a legal battle with hip hop star Eminem over unauthorized use of his song "Lose Yourself" in his re-election campaign. Ironically, Key had Dotcom arrested in 2012 for copyright crimes stemming from his file-sharing site.

New Zealand Elections


In addition to his legal tiff with Em, Key is also in battle with the whistleblower duo Julian Assange and Edward Snowden – both of who vocally back Dotcom.

New Zealand Elections


Despite being widely unpopular on social media, PM Key remains in favorable position ahead of Saturday's big day. His critics accuse him of lying, being homophobic and denying New Zealanders their right to online freedom by collaborating with fellow Five Eyes countries behind their back.

New Zealand Elections

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