50 Percent Of Iowa Trump Enthusiasts Support WWII Japanese Internment

It's not very surprising, but it is kind of terrifying -- a new survey showed how Trump supporters feel about one of the worst moments of American history.

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In news that’s not particularly shocking, considering the kind of racist and terrible behavior Trump supporters engage in, a new poll of Republican primary voters in Iowa conducted by the Public Policy Polling reveals that 48 percent of voters find no problem in the internment of Japanese-Americans during WWII.

The tactics Franklin D. Roosevelt used against the Japanese remains one of the few, abysmal blemishes on his widely-lauded presidency, but Trump recently defended his own ban on Muslims entering America with the logic that FDR did the same to the Japanese. It appears his supporters are now hopping on a similar train.

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Only 21 percent of Trump advocates said they disagreed with Japanese internment, compared to the overall 39 percent of Republicans who oppose it within the state. This just furthers the theory that those who support Trump are the most xenophobic, racist, and ignorant of Americans, and Trump inherently appeals to their biases and fears.

Japanese internment is not exactly a controversial issue—it has been established that it was cruel and horrific practice, and one that did not contribute in the least to America’s success in the war, considering a majority of those interned were American citizens. It has been compared to Nazi concentration camps for its utter lack of humanity.

Yet once again, Trump is attempting to shift the narrative of this recognized stain on American history, making Roosevelt appear a hero he was not. Unfortunately, Trump’s supporters may not realize this and have bought into his rhetoric. Considering Japanese internment as positive will only justify their current, perverse notions of banning Muslims from the U.S.

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