Mugshots Are Nothing To Be Ashamed Of If You Look This Good

June 20, 2014: This handsome criminal would first steal your heart and then your wallet.

Don't do the crime...if you look this great. Seriously, check out the mugshot of this convicted felon named Jeremy Meeks, whose dreamy looks have had thousands of ladies drooling.

He was arrested along with three of his alleged accomplices on Thursday in a planned operation by the Stockton, Calif. police department after reports of shootings and robberies surged recently.

As is their social media custom, SPD officers posted the 30-year-old Meeks' mugshot on their Facebook page, hoping to garner praise for their feat. The story took a completely different turn, though, as the alleged felon's sharp jaw line, dreamy blue eyes and cold stare attracted a massive horde of female lovers who liked and posted their catcalls in the comments.

Don't be fooled by his hunkiness though: If his looks couldn’t kill you, Meeks might rob you at least. He isn't facing any murder charges, but was arrested with a weapon and knows how to fire one, police allege. The ladies don't seem to care though:

"Oh my god he can rob my house and 'assault' me anytime."

"Wat prison I wanna b locked up there lol"

"My husband"

Currently behind bars, Meeks is one criminal with all the physical assets of a male model.

While we're at it, let's see some other aesthetically pleasing mugshots.

This beauty should be in Chanel rather than the ugly orange jumpsuit.

Nope, it's not a modeling headshot.

Behind bars? This face deserves to be in front of the camera!

Why do all the nutcases have such amazing eyes?

The famous Armie Hammer mugshot wins it though.

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