6 Things You Didn’t Know About Rand Paul

The media is misleading you. Rand Paul is not the forward-thinking Libertarian the news wants you to believe he is.

Rand Paul

Kentucky Republican Rand Paul is now the second candidate alongside Sen. Ted Cruz to run for 2016 Republican presidential nomination. While Paul may be a little less conservative than his religious zealot counterpart, Cruz, he’s far from an enlightened Republican (like there is such a thing) aimed at making progressive change in his party, as he disguises his campaign platform to be. Here’s the untold truth of the former Tea Party conservative:

1. Paul opposes same-sex marriage. He advocates to resolve what he describes as a “moral crisis” with ““another Great Awakening with tent revivals,” referring to the religious revival of the 18th century.

2. Paul has questioned the science of climate change and called the rhetoric of environmentalists “alarmist.” He has consistently opposed proposals to limit carbon pollution and supports the Keystone XL Pipeline.

3. After the Sandy Hook shootings, Paul became a firm leader in hindering Democratic efforts to change gun laws, arguing for citizens’ right to privacy. Instead his solution to mass school shootings is to arm faculty with guns.

“I'm a big believer that guns can be and are a deterrent to crime. And that those who want to ban guns don't quite understand the deterrence or the self-defense aspect of guns. So I would allow concealed carry in school by teachers and principals."

4. Paul is ardently opposed to abortion and sponsored “The Life At Contraception Act”, a bill that defines human life at conception and "therefore is entitled to legal protection from that point forward.” He predicted this bill could reverse Roe. v. Wade “without the need for a constitutional amendment."

5. Although Paul has received some praise for pledging further cuts in military spending, just last month Paul introduced a budget amendment that would add $76.5 billion in defense spending. The proposal would actually add up to a $190 billion over the next two years to the defense budget.

6. While attending Baylor University Paul was a member of the secret organization NoZe Brotherhood, where he allegedly kidnapped a woman, forced her to use marijuana and bow down to a god known as “Aqua Buddha.” Paul denied the accusations, but couldn’t comment on whether the incident was a kidnapping or a college prank.

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