Bitter Enemies India And Pakistan Have Much More In Common Than A Shared Past

After living as estranged neighbors since 1947, India and Pakistan share many similarities with one another. Many of these are negative and boil down to poor governance, a patriarchal society and economic issues.

Can Indo-Pak Ever Get Along?

The Indian subcontinent divided into two separate countries, Pakistan and India on the 14th and 15th of August, 1947 respectively.
Since then, animosity between the two neighboring countries is more common than peace has been. 

Both of the countries are embroiled in a myriad of social, political and economic problems, but that doesn’t stop the armies of the two from indulging in border skirmishes that lead to tension on an international level.

It’s not just the geographical closeness and problems the two countries face but a common history and culture as well.

The people of both India and Pakistan, are ofcourse the best judge of what’s going on. What really sets them apart from eachother? Or is there such a thing that sets apart the two from each? Carbonated.TV decided to ask people on both sides of the borders of India and Pakistan just that. 

Check out what the people from both India and Pakistan had to say.

Three things that come to your mind when you hear the word India or Pakistan?

What challenges do women face in your country?

Do you know anyone across the border?

Do you have friends from the minorities?

Does your vote count?

How rampant is corruption in your country?

Which city in the neighboring country would you like to visit?

Should India and Pakistan keep up their nuclear expenditure?

Are India and Pakistan obsessed with each other?

Is long term peace possible between India and Pakistan?

From all that we hear and see, it’s not hard to guess, the people are not as against each other as it would seem. The culprit behind the feelings of animosity and mistrust, seem to be other than the people themselves.
Dare we hope, that difference aside, peace and co-existence between the two countries is not impossible to achieve? And that in the near future, the two very gifted and resource rich countries would come together to make themselves as well as the region more prosperous, safe and harmonious?

We are looking forward to your responses!

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