73-Year Old Grandfather Completes 50 Marathons In All 50 States

An iron-willed grandpa finishes his 13-year quest to run 50 marathons in 50 states.

John Maultsby, 73, fulfilled his dream of running marathons in all 50 states, after more than a decade of trying. He crossed his final finish line on Sunday in a popular New Hampshire race.

It was a moment 13 years in the making. His first marathon was at age 60. During that first race, Maultsby noticed a person sporting a shirt that read “50 States Finisher,” and the idea was planted then and there: Maultsby wanted to accomplish that feat too.

John Maultsby

Maultsby has been running regularly since 1972, when he participated in 5K and 10K races around Las Vegas in his 30s to help lower his blood pressure.

"I'm still riding high,'' Maultsby said in an interview. "All the time people say, 'You're such an inspiration.' It makes me feel good that I am inspiring other people. It makes it worth it."

Maultsby isn't just encouraging others because of the amount of marathons he has run; fellow racing fans marvel at his abilities at age 73. The grandfather has already completed seven marathons this year and run the Boston Marathon nine times.

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: Facebook, John Maultsby

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