7th Grader Takes The Wheel Of School Bus As Driver Passes Out After Making ' Weird Noise'

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What more can we expect from a seven grader 13-year old boy? What more act of valor do we expect, or to put it correctly what other sense of responsibility do we anticipate from someone as young as Jeremy Wuitschick.

For the young boy it was yet another routine day when he was going to school with other 15 students. Just how unexpected was it going to get was something he was about to know. While travelling he could not escape noticing that something was terribly wrong and what he found out was horrifying. The bus driver was as Jeremy puts it in ‘funny condition’ with bulging eyes and flapping hands.

'I just went up, grabbed the wheel and turned it right and took the keys out of the ignition, said the 13 year old Jeremy Wuitschick.

Convinced that this day is definitely not normal, he sprang into action and took the wheel. His main aim at that time was to ensure that the ignition is off. He did as to what was dictated by his instincts. He grabbed the wheel and took the keys out of the ignition. This was precisely when another guy emerged who had some basic knowledge about chest compressions or CPR.

The one and a half minute video clearly shows that all main players in the incident acted in an immensely calm  manner. While talking to KOMO news Jeremy said that he was doing what his instincts told him, and he knew it was the right thing to do.

As a token of recognizing his act of bravery Milton Police Chief Bill Rhodes said that he must be provided due credit for this. Irrespective of the award or prize, Jeremy will be remembered as the superhero of the day.

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