8-Year-Old Abuse Survivor’s Heartrending Letter Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes

This little girl’s optimism and courage is an inspiration to us all.

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

Child abuse survivor Marie Rose Surprenant is only 8 years old, but she perfectly understands the trauma she suffered as an infant at the hands of people who were supposed to protect her – her biological mother and her boyfriend.

Marie was just 8 months old when she was paralyzed from waist down due to the severe beating and lost her ability to walk. When brought into the ER, she had over 14 fractures, burns and abrasions. The nature of her injuries caught the attention of social workers, who not only took Marie away from her abusers, but also arrested them.

Social worker Michelle Surprenant adopted the little girl at age 1, providing her the happy life she deserved, and the young girl is extremely grateful for that. Recently, Marie even penned a heartfelt, inspirational open letter to the people who saved her life.

“I was explaining to Marie that often social workers get a bad rap, many people are afraid of social workers, think they are the people who take babies away," explained Surprenant. "But most are good people trying to change the world.” She added that this discussion led to Marie writing a “thank you” letter.

Addressed to “social workers and detectives,” the letter explains that she is “happy” and in a “warm and safe environment.”

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“When I was little, I got hurt and I couldn’t walk at all. I couldn’t walk because my spinal cord was broken and couldn’t be fixed,” Marie writes in the letter. “So they asked how I got in the ER. But he lied and said that I fell out the bed. So that’s when you got involved and solved my case and not letting the bad guy hurting me or anyone else.”

The Letter:

An 8-Year-Old’s Open Letter to Social Workers

Her three-page long hand written letter was originally featured on the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta's blog.

“She has a very sweet personality and is very matter-of-fact,” said Michelle. “Two surgeries ago, she asked if she had to have them because of the man who hurt her. That was hard.”

Surprenant believes that anyone can move on if they just try.

“Anybody can have a tragedy, but you work through it and life can be beautiful. She is a happy kid. People assume because she has a physical disability she will be unhappy or maybe she has a hard time making friends. Nothing could be further from the truth.”

She has also set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for her daughter’s rehabilitation program.

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