This 8-Year-Old Girl Completed 600 Random Acts Of Kindness To Honor Her Grandmother

Alex McKelvey’s journey doesn’t end here. By 2016, she intends to complete thousands of good deeds!

What began as a small project for a year has become a life goal for Alex McKelvey of Lakewood, Washington.

When her grandmother, Linda, died in September 2013, Alex, now 8 years old, decided to honor her life by completing 60 acts of kindness by what would have been Linda’s 60th birthday on March 22, 2014.

After successfully achieving the target, the little girl aimed to do it all over again but increased her goal to 600.

“I picked 600 because it was 10 times more than 60,” Alex told The New Tribune. “And we’re not going to stop there. We’re going to do thousands, then a million. I’d like to reach so many people.”

The McKelveys completed the project, called #ForLinda, on March 22 after spreading kindness in the lives of hundreds of people along the way. From purchasing a book for a child and picking up litter to leaving quarters in candy dispensers and leaving servers with $100 tips – Alex and her family did almost everything to spread smiles and happiness over the past twelve months.

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However, this is not the end. Alex intends to continue doing nice things for other people and raise the bar even higher next time around. By 2016, she wants to have completed thousands of good deeds!

"I'm not doing these to be a perfect girl or celebrity," she said. "I don't even want to be any of those. I just want to be a nice little girl."

Alex’s mother, Sarah McKelvey, documented her daughter’s journey of 600 acts of kindness on an Instagram account, hashtagging each post with #FORLINDA.


An inspirational book with a sweet message from Alex. Alex told me that she was trying to sound like Dr. Seuss ?? #562 #FORLINDA

A photo posted by #FORLINDA (@actsoflovingkindness) on


My lil napkin girl at the Rescue Mission ?? #542 #FORLINDA

A photo posted by #FORLINDA (@actsoflovingkindness) on


Paid for the person behind us at Wendy's ?????? #557 #FORLINDA

A photo posted by #FORLINDA (@actsoflovingkindness) on


Alex picked out food to donate to her local food bank. Alex told me Green Giant is the best!!! #558 #FORLINDA

A photo posted by #FORLINDA (@actsoflovingkindness) on

After completing her project, Alex also got a special meet-and-greet with penguins at Woodland Park Zoo. She was also given passes to the zoo’s carousel, which Alex, in another act of kindness, passed on to others.


Lakewood 8 year old Alex McKelvey has completed 600 random acts of kindness. Today the animal lover and professed future...

Posted by Woodland Park Zoo on Saturday, March 28, 2015

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