This School's "Tolerance" For Anti-Vaxxers Cost 80 Kids Their Health

A primary school has lost a significant portion of their students due to chicken pox. Vaccinations are not a personal choice. Public health is not up for debate.

A Melbourne, Australia primary school is seeing 25% of its students afflicted with chicken pox. Not surprisingly, Brunswick North West Primary also has a policy of “tolerance” towards families that have chosen not to vaccinate their children.

80 out of the schools 320 students have become infected with the illness and containment efforts are still underway.  Only 73.2% of students at North West Primary have received their vaccinations.


School officials have called for parents to be “tolerant” of a parent's personal choice to vaccinate their children as they attempt to contain the infection from spreading any further.

The problem with that attitude, however, is that it is based on a false premise. Refusing to vaccinate is not a personal decision.

The Needs Of The Many 

When a parent makes the decision not to vaccinate their child they are also making that decision for the rest of their community. Children do not exist in a vacuum, and if one is allowed to remain susceptible to a curable disease it raises the risk for every other child in that child’s vicinity.

Schools, play groups, parks, supermarkets, airports, any public place a non-vaccinated child is brought, he or she brings with them an increased risk of infection to every other child they encounter.

The so-called “Anti-Vaccination Movement” is not an innocuous ideological sub-group that can safely be left alone to ponder their chosen philosophies. They are a physically dangerous splinter-cell of parenthood that is destroying the health and education of not just their own children, but every child that their child encounters as well.

Make It Official

On January 1, Australia will implement their “No Jap No Play” law. The law will require that children be vaccinated before they can attend any pre-school or large group gatherings. This law will not apply to the public schools in Australia.

The United States should take legislation like this to heart and take it a step further as well. Vaccinations should be required before any child can set foot in a public school.

Our culture's obsession with individual choice and universal personal freedoms is getting out of hand. If you and your family live in a secluded cabin in the woods and your kids are homeschooled then feel free not to vaccinate. But being a member of society means admitting that personal choice Is not the only thing that matters.

Vaccinations are not a personal choice. The good of the community should outweigh an irrelevant and thoroughly disproved study from 10 years ago. Anyone who can’t see that is not only being dangerously foolish, they are being annoyingly selfish. 

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