8-Year-Old Tourist Discovers Loaded Glock In John Boehner’s Bathroom

Capitol Hill Police records reveal multiple instances of officers accidentally leaving their loaded Glocks behind in bathrooms.

White House

In the past few months, Capitol Hill Police has reported three instances where loaded Glocks were accidentally left behind in bathrooms by the their officers , including one found by an 8-year-old tourist in Speaker John Boehner’s office.

Roll Call reported that the first incident occurred on Jan. 29 when a member of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s security left his Glock tucked inside the toilet seat cover holder of a Capitol Visitor Center bathroom stall.

The second time an 8-year-old child, touring the Capitol with his parents, found the gun in Boehner’s bathroom.

And on April 16, a janitor cleaning the Capitol Police Headquarters building found the Glock lying in plain sight.

These lost Glocks spark additional concern given that unlike normal guns with a traditional safety, Glocks will fire if the trigger is pulled.

Forgotten Glocks seem like a typical thing for the Capitol Police as Roll Call notes,

 “None seemed surprised, and two offered other examples of officers who were investigated for leaving their guns unsecured or unattended.”

Worst part is that these three incidents may not be the only ones as Capitol Police “are not required to disclose such incidents.” 

Only one officer has been rebuked for the carelessness and placed on a six-day suspension without pay, the other two are still being investigated.

The misplaced Glocks’ catastrophe is just another problematic issue in a series of worrisome and rather lax White House security efforts. From the Secret Service scandals to a protester landing a gyrocopter practically on President Obama’s doorstep, White House protection seriously needs to get their act together. 

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