9 Images Banned From American Media Of Israel’s 9-Day Offensive On Gaza

Israel temporarily announced a “humanitarian ceasefire” in the Gaza strip after a 9-day offensive. Hamas and Israel had agreed to halt fighting for five hours to allow Gazans to stock up on supplies.

Over 227 Palestinians have died and hundreds have been injured since Israel's raids began on July 8, while rockets fired from Gaza have killed one Israeli.

Israel launched its military operation against Gaza on July 8 with the objective of halting Palestinian rocket attacks on Israel. However more than 77 percent of those who have been killed by Israel’s bombardment of the Gaza strip, both from air and in land offensive have been innocent civilians.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) blamed "Gazan terrorists" for the attack, and while they have upheld the humanitarian ceasefire, no one knows what the future would bring for the people of Gaza.

The photos from Gaza tell a sordid, horrific tale. These images from Reuters have been banned by American media outlets, but the story they tell is one the people of Gaza are living every day, every hour and every minute. This is their story. This is the story of the past nine days of hell in Gaza. This is the story of the hell they have been living in for years while the world watches mutely...

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