910-Lb Woman Is Laughed At After She Is Crane-Lifted Out Of Her Window

She has vowed to lose weight after being made to feel like a circus act.

An extremely obese woman who was crane-lifted out the window of her apartment in East Harlem, New York City is so embarrassed from the ordeal that she has vowed to lose some of her 910-pound body weight.

The 70-year-old Marie Bowman is in poor health, largely due to her size, and called 911 last week for help. Upon arrival, the paramedics found that she was too big to be taken out of her front door. A decision was made to extract her out of the window and firefighters were called for assistance.

With almost a dozen individuals involved in what seemed like a rescue mission, Bowman was successfully brought down. But the incident was watched by an amused crowd and gained national press, which embarrassed Bowman, who later told The New York Post that she felt like a circus act when she was being lowered to the ground and now wants to shed her excess weight.

"I had grown too big," Bowman said. "And that was frightening, because you don’t think, never once, that I wouldn’t be able to get through my door. This is my life, not a show. I want to live. I’m here in the hospital because I want to live."

While she got laughed at by the onlookers and berated on social media for ballooning to this size, doctors say Bowman has lymphedema. Moreover, she has had a series of tragedies in her life with deaths to close loved ones and multiple failed marriages.

She found comfort in food and went from overweight to fat to obese in a small time. Hence, while her critics can call her names and bash her for benefitting from their tax money, the truth is that she has a medical condition to go with the deaths of her son, mother and grandmother. Despite this, she is determined to lose weight and get healthy. She deserves all our support and not hate.

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