911 Dispatcher Laughs At Man Calling To Report Girlfriend On Fire (Video)


This video shows a news report about a 911 call made by a man whose car caught fire with his girlfriend inside. He dialed 911 and reported his emergency, only to hear laughter at the other end.

Lalo Delgado, the man who called for help, told reporters that her initial reaction was to laugh and giggle in the background. It was very disturbing."

In the recording released to the media, the operator can be heard chuckling while talking to Delgado, though it’s not clear whether she was laughing at his predicament or something else, as laughter could also be heard in the background.

It was disturbing; however, keeping in mind the gravity of the situation.

Delgado even had to call back a few minutes later as wondered whether his first call was taken seriously.

Delgado's girlfriend was badly burnt in the accident and he feels that her injuries could have been less severe had the dispatcher not been so apathetic and relaxed.

"If she wasn't there playing around giggling and would have been right on it," he said. "One minute, two minutes, every minute counts."

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