A Cop Raped A Civilian, Then Threatened Her Into Silence

NYPD cop Harold Avalos appears to enjoy taking advantage of victims of domestic abuse, using his power and authority as a weapon.

An NYPD cop reportedly raped a woman he met on a domestic violence call.

The unnamed victim, who is suing Officer Harold Avalos, claims that they first met in September 2012, when Avalos visited her house in Queens. He was responding to a dispute she had had with her then-common-law husband.

According to Steven Hoffner, the woman's attorney, Avalos had previously been involved with another victim of domestic abuse. It seems that this predator has a type.

After the first meeting, Avalos pursued the woman relentlessly. He allegedly convinced her husband to file a theft charge against her, then convinced her she needed his counsel to avoid arrest.

In December 2012, Avalos took the woman to a bar in celebration of her birthday. The court papers state that he proceeded to ply her with drinks.

She woke up the next morning naked in bed with Avalos beside her, who informed her that they had had sexual relations. But the victim did not consent, and what's more, believes that she was drugged.

The woman is seeking $15 million from the city of Brooklyn and from Avalos, not just for the rape, but also for what followed. The federal court complaint states that the officer:

“showed her naked pictures of herself and pictures of them having sex and also told her he had taken a video.”

He threatened to expose the pictures if she told on him, and also warned that he would kill her family if she stepped out of line. He told her:

“You don't know how crazy I am.”

After Avalos agreed to delete the compromising images, the woman met him at a motel in March 2013, where he raped her a second time. This is when her former husband finally contacted NYPD internal affairs.

Avalos is yet to be charged criminally, and the jury's still out on whether or not he'll be terminated from his job. We're baffled that there's anything here to “think about” or “decide.”

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