Watch The Cringeworthy Moment Nevada Delegate Gets State Capital Wrong

Michael J. McDonald, Nevada state chairman of the Republican Party, mistook Las Vegas as the capital of Nevada in this embarrassing video. (It's Carson City.)

Poor Michael J. McDonald, Nevada state chairman of the Republican Party. He accidentally called Las Vegas the capital of Nevada in his speech to thousands of viewers Tuesday at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

To give McDonald the benefit of the doubt, he might have been trying to call Las Vegas an “entertainment capital,” but “capital city” slipped out and all his credibility crumbled before him.

donald trump

Well, he kind of lost credibility anyway at the beginning of his speech when he yelled “Blue Lives Matter!”

To quote the embarrassing statement McDonald made, “From the great shores of Lake Tahoe, to the most entertaining capital city, Las Vegas, Nevada, this time what’s said in Las Vegas will not stay in Las Vegas.”

He’s so enthusiastic and confident and yet so, so wrong. Watch the video to see the humiliating moment:


Photo credit: Twitter, @dollydeleon

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