A Day Snorkeling Turns Almost Deadly

A Hawaiian vacation got scary very quickly. Dr. Ken Grasing was snorkeling with his family in Hapuna Beach, Hawaii, when everything took a sudden turn for the worst.

ken grasing

In five feet of water, a "black cloud" appeared nearby Grasing, and when it approached closer, he knew it was a shark. A tiger shark, to be exact, more than 10 feet long.

The shark bit Grasing's left hand, and Grasing quickly reacted to strike the shark across the head with his other hand.

It all happened very fast, and Grasing was yelling to make sure his two boys knew to get away. 

Luckily, Grasing got away with only some cuts; although some were severe, he's thankful that that was all he had suffered, and no one else in his family was hurt.

Grasing also had an injury on his left leg, which was most likely from the shark's fin scraping against him.

Grasing is expected to make a full recovery from his wounds, but doesn't think he'll ever go snorkeling again. 


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