A Duo Sets Climbing Record In Yosemite National Park

Free climbing since December 27th 2014, the brave pair, Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson, have finally completed their journey up one of the most difficult walls in the world, the Dawn Wall.

Since December 27th, Tommy Caldwell, 36, and Kevin Jorgeson, 30, have been making their way up one of the most difficult walls in the world.

The Dawn Wall, located on El Capitan in Yosemite National Park, is a 3,000 foot vertical wall that some consider nearly impossible to defeat.

Yesterday after weeks of climbing, Tommy and Kevin have finally completed their fearless journey up the Dawn Wall, setting records as the first people to complete a ‘free climb’ up the wall.

Although Tommy and Kevin both used safety harnesses in case of a potentially fatal fall down the wall, the two mostly relied on their own strength to complete the task, and replaced the use of ropes to pull them up, with their own hands and feet. Despite experiencing a few minor falls and painful injuries which slowed them down, they continued to stay focused on their goal.

The Dawn Wall attracts adventurous mountain climbers from all over the world, but none have been able to complete what Tommy and Kevin did.

Of course, an accomplishment as this calls for celebration. When Tommy and Kevin finished their 8 mile hike down the backside of the mountain after their climb, friends and family awaited their arrival, alongside reporters who captured the historical moment.

Tommy and Kevin would not have been able to complete this mission without the help of each other’s support, as well as friends who helped lift supplies to the duo during their two and a half week venture.

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