A Legendary Nazi Gold Train Worth Billions May Have Just Been Found

Two treasure hunters claim they’ve found a lost Nazi military train laden with gold, gems, and guns. The value of the cargo could total up to $9 billion.

Update 3: Two treasure hunters have come forward with images of Nazi gold treasure they claim to have found at the location of the lost armored train, the first of "a lot more." But the pictures are hardly "evidence," and some have started to become fed-up with twists and turns in the ongoing Nazi train wild goose chase. That being said, authorities plan to start digging in the Spring in hopes of finally finding the train.

Update 2: In another shocking twist, the suspected location of the Nazi gold train was set ablaze. The fire brigade is almost certain that this was not arson.

But there's also been another recent revelation that suggests there may be those who still don't want the train found. Tadeusz Slowikowski, local historian dedicated to the hunt for the train, revealed that he'd been intimidated by three armed men in 2003, who told him to stop searching. Around the same time, his dog was poisoned. Slowikowski claims his phone is still monitored.

Conspiracy theory, or curious truth?

Update: An unnamed man said to have been involved in hiding the train 70 years ago may have offered the final clue necessary to hunt down the vessel's location.

Using the man's deathbed confession as a guide, authorities were able to find images of a buried train near Wałbrzych using ground-penetrating radar. 

Could this be the legendary train sought after for decades? 

Nazi gold train

The train is believed to have gone missing in 1945, near what is now Wroclaw, Poland, as the Soviet Red Army closed in on Nazi Germany.

Nazi gold train 'found in Poland'

This seems to match local folklore, which speaks of a train carrying gold and gems that disappeared near the end of World War II, near Ksiaz castle.

In fact, Walbrzych—where the treasure hunters went to make a claim to 10% of the value of the train’s contents—is only 2 miles from Ksiaz castle.

All attempts to find the train the past have failed, no doubt leading many to wonder if it had ever existed in the first place.

Nazi gold train found in Polish mountains

Walbrzych’s own mayor, Roman Szelemej, remains pretty skeptical about the find, but has said that he would be monitoring developments in the case. Lawyers, the army, the police, and the fire brigade have all been dispatched to investigate the area, which has never been excavated before.

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Two local news sites reported that the train was armored, and that it had guns on turrets along its side. Another claimed that it was 150 meters long and may have held up to 300 tonnes of gold.

Nazi gold

As the search continues, authorities remain cautious. Being a military train, the vessel could contain unexploded bombs and/or nuclear technology. If it was sealed in an underground tunnel, methane could have built up over the years, creating the danger of an explosion if excavators make one wrong move.

Nazi gold train found in Poland

Even if the treasure hunters’ claims are confirmed, we’ll have to grapple with the dark history of the discovery. Nazi gold was made from jewelry seized from victims of the concentration camps. This isn’t something we should relish for its monetary value, so much as its historical worth. 

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