Osama Bin Laden Lives Through This Library

A notorious religious seminary in Pakistan’s capital city of Islamabad has named its library in honor of former al-Qaeda Chief Osama Bin Laden.

They call it ‘Maktabah Usama bin Ladon Shaheed (Rehmatullah)’, which literally translates to ‘Martyr Osama Bin Laden (May Allah’s blessings be upon him) Library’. Even though they spelt their hero’s last name wrong, there is no doubting their love, loyalty and reverence for him.

The put up a sign with the new name outside the library and it is signed by Maulana Abdul Aziz, the despot cleric of the city's Lal Masjid (Red Mosque) which is in the same vicinity.

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Jamia Hafsa is a religious seminary for women and is known for its hardliner stance on Islam. The school also falls under the Maulana’s authority.

The seminary and the mosque school were under a week-long military siege against radicals in 2007. It was suspected that the mosque had links with terrorists and the siege was aimed at rooting them out.

As if the dead Laden needed any more honors, his fellow extremists have renamed their library in his memory.

Osama Bin Laden, who was killed in a US Special Forces raid in the Pakistani town of Abbottabad in 2011, is a hero for some radicals in the country.

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 “He might be a terrorist for others but we do not consider him as a terrorist. For us he was a hero of Islam,” an anonymous source told AFP.

The hero worship for Osama and belief in his radical ideology are so strong that the Red Mosque raid was one of the triggers for the Pakistani Taliban's deadly insurgency in the country. The militant group’s violent activities have cost Pakistan thousands of civilian and military lives.

Here’s what the not-so-Osama-loving people have to say about the news:

One can only hope that the esteem bestowed upon the late mastermind of the 9/11 attacks reaches him in his ‘heavenly abode’ and pleases his soul, if he ever had one.

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