A Look Inside The Burnt-Out Brazilian Kiss Nightclub (Video)


Police has released images of the burnt-out Kiss nightclubin Brazil showing the scorched remains of the building where a flare ignited the blaze killing 234 people.

The clean-up continues at the club and personal items are still being gathered.

Students in Santa Maria have been demonstrating outside the mayor's office, as anger grows over the tragedy. Many call for tougher regulation.

"Santa Maria has a young population and we don't have safe venues. The venues are open to the public under inappropriate conditions, without any type of supervision - they are ticking time bombs, anything can happen at any time,"says Cynthia Forence, a student.

Authorities are questioning the club's owners and two members of a band, whose performance led to the blaze. Police say the club should not have been open to the public.

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