A Miracle Tale Of Survival: Grandmother And Boy Pulled From Rubble NINE DAYS After Tsunami Smashed City

Extraordinary news emerged from the tsunami coast today when police reported they had found an 80-year-old woman and a 16-year-old boy still alive under rubble in a tsunami-smashed city.

The report was greeted with scepticism at first following claims on Saturday that a young man had been found alive in his house after clinging to life for eight days - when in fact he had returned to his home from a shelter.

But police in the Mikako prefecture were insisting that there was no mistake about the two people found alive under rubble today.

No immediate details were available apart from police saying that rescuers were scouring debris when they found the elderly woman and the young man.

'They were in a very weakened state, but have responded to initial treatment by the rescuers,' said a police spokesman.

Police said the two were found in the city of Ishinomaki, nine days after the earthquake and tsunami, a survival which has stunned medical teams.

It was revealed the pair are a grandmother and her grandson.

The Japanese TV network NHK quoted police in Miyagii prefecukrre as saying the elderly woman and the teenager had responded to shouts from a police rescue team.
Daily Mail