Why Has The Media Overlooked This Muslim Teen Thrown Out Of A Window?

There has been little to no coverage of a 16-year-old boy who was thrown out of a sixth-story window and fell to his death -- police have been similarly lax in their investigation.

Hamza Warsame, a 16-year-old Somalian boy from Seattle, Washington who attended classes at Seattle Central College, was beaten by fellow students before being thrown out of a sixth-story window. He died from his injuries.

The nature of the crime is still under investigation—police have not yet ruled it a hate crime, and further details concerning the situation or the perpetrators have not been disclosed.

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In a sea of stories concerning hate crimes toward Muslims, Warsame’s has been largely overlooked by the media, despite its horrific nature. Students have protested this lack of coverage, creating a Facebook page called Justice4Hamza, while also initiating a similar hashtag on Twitter.

Warsame’s family has voiced its frustrations over the police investigation into this death. His sister led a march from the college to the SPD's East Precinct station, with posters declaring “Muslim Lives Matter” and “No Justice, No Peace, F*** The Police.”

Warsame’s cousin, Mumin Dimbil, told the Seattle Globalist that, “It is sad to say we do not know what happened and there has been a lack of communication from the police department. I want this case to be more on the facts, and not about what someone believes,” asking people to “refrain until we find the truth.”

Seattle Central College also purportedly idled in informing students of Warsame’s death, which caused the school to come under fire.

This incident only adds to a growing list of terrible hate crimes directed toward Muslims, exemplifying the disturbing Islamophobia that is currently plaguing the U.S.  

Banner Image Credit: Twitter, @CherguiaMbark

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