A Packaging Error May Have Led To More Than 100 Unwanted Pregnancies

A pharmaceutical company that manufactures birth control is under fire for a packaging error that may have led to more than 100 unwanted pregnancies.

Things have gotten pretty complicated for Qualitest Pharmaceuticals. The company is being sued by more than 100 women who claim that mispackaged birth control pills led to unwanted pregnancies.

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The women, spread across 28 states, are seeking millions of dollars in damages, according to ABC News. Some of them are even requesting the “total cost of raising a child until adulthood.” (How do you even calculate that?!)

According to the lawsuit, the pills manufactured by Qualitest — an extension of Endo Pharmaceuticals — were packaged in the wrong order, reversing the weekly tablet orientation.

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So, the women ended up taking the placebo pills meant for the week of menstruation at the wrong time of the month so they weren’t actually protected when they thought they were.

The packaging mistake was caught back in 2011 at which time Qualitest announced a recall of eight brands of birth-control pills, but … several women were allegedly still affected by the error.

Endo Pharmaceuticals reportedly offered a statement to ABC News that basically trivialized the women’s claims as the company maintains the error was taken care of back in 2011 and there have been no recent mistakes of the same nature.

"Our commitment is to patient safety and we take product quality very seriously. ... There is no new or recent product recall. The recall that forms the basis of this suit was entirely voluntary and occurred more than four years ago in September 2011. The voluntary recall occurred based on an extremely small number of pill packs that were manufactured by an external contract manufacturer. Endo has been able to confirm only one blister pack that manifested a defect and was sold to a patient. Additionally, courts have dismissed cases arising out of the recall because the plaintiff could not establish that she purchased a defective package."

We shall see if this case has more validity than the others ... But that is a VERY serious mistake on their part and 100 women is a pretty large number ... Be careful, ladies!

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