A Pakistani Mother Fights To Educate Her Daughters (Video)


A woman in Pakistan exemplifies the hardworking spirit of women around the world ahead of International Women's Day.

In a small Pakistani village, 44 year old Nabeela Bano earns a living by selling buffalo milk. The money helps put her four daughters through school.

Eight years ago she was widowed, and has fought every day since to provide the kind of life for her family she never had.

Strong taboos still exist in Pakistan against women. In Bano's village there is no school for her girls. They walk to another village everyday to attend class as there are no schools for girls here. Bano's decision to continue her daughters’ education has drawn criticism from villagers, but praise and respect from her daughters.

International Women's Day, March 8th, is held every year to help nations worldwide promote and protect women's rights.

And to honor women like Bano who fights daily to improve the life of her daughters!

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