Hate, Harassment Spewed Up-Close At Women Now Legal

These are the disgusting tactics women will face without abortion clinic buffer zones.

Screams of "murderer!" Grisly, graphic pictures. Throngs of hecklers pelting people with awful accusations, lies and manipulation.

These are just a few of the things women can look forward to now that the Supreme Court has struck down substantial abortion protest zones that kept anti-choice protesters from patients at clinics.

Here are a few of the scenes women seeking reproductive care can look forward to. Just imagine all of these scenarios as 10 times worse because, unlike the anti-choicers, we won't subject you to some of the disgusting imagery they shove in women's faces. 

Fetus Doll Woman

Protesters say they're offering pregnant women "counseling," but who in their right mind would call fetus doll tossing counseling?

"They're Just Going To Hurt You"

This guy approaches anti-choice as a money-saving measure. He can't stop yelling that abortion costs money. Sure, that's the main thing on women's minds when they've already made an extremely difficult decision.

Sidewalk "Counselors"

Here are those compassionate sidewalk counselors at their finest.

How Is This Helpful?

Fake blood running down a snowbank, a gauntlet of gross signs -- just another day in the life of anti-choicers, and the women forced to walk past them for medical care.

Reproductive Rights ? Holocaust

The evil of the Holocaust and the shameful history of lynching are nowhere near analogous to having access to safe, legal abortions and reproductive care. But there's probably no reason with someone who cannot use reason.

"Someone Call The Police!"

Imagine having to hear these things screamed in your face as you're trying to get in to see your doctor. 

In-Your-Face Signs To Intimidate 

 You can probably imagine what those gory posters show.

No one is denying protesters' right to free speech. But if sometimes rabid protesters are allowed to get into women's faces outside of clinics, we've moved into a safety issue.

And lest we forget, the Supreme Court doesn't have a problem with its own protest zone:

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