Alarming Academic Achievement Gap Between Girls and Boys Grows

Why do girls excel in school, while boys have a much harder time?

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It doesn't matter what kind of school you look at. Whether it's a public school, a prestigious boarding school or even a typical university: Girls continue to do much better academically than boys.

Is it because boys don't think it's "cool" to try in school? Or is it something in the chemical make up of each gender that causes these differences?

In the past, boys were the ones who spent more time in school and gained much more from an education than their female counterparts. However, now, that has completely changed.

A report done by the OECD suggests that boys do perform a bit better in math than girls, but in literacy and overall education, girls outperform boys by an entire school year. That's a huge gap, and it might be because literacy plays a huge role in other subjects.

One reason could be the amount of time girls spend studying. While it is not fair to generalize, girls tend to spend at least an hour more on their work than boys, while boys tend to dedicate more time to other things, such as playing video games. 

However, all these studies have just shown us what is happening, but not necessarily why it's happening. Perhaps, it is society's fault. That boys have been encouraged to have a masculinity complex that ignores academic achievement. Or perhaps there are careers open to girls now that weren't available before, encouraging girls to try harder for those opportunities.

If girls are achieving more than boys, this might make people wonder why women in the workforce are paid significantly lower than men for the same job.

While it might be some time before this gap is understood in the adult world, the gap has given schools a chance to do something about it. In Australia, "Boys, Blokes, Books and Bytes" is a reading program implemented to help. Sweden is doing research in what is called the "boy crisis."

Boys are also twice as likely to say that school is a "waste of time", according to OECD.

Well, boys, you might actually need that time to start catching up.


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