According To Americans, Obama—Not George W.— Is The Worst President

A new poll revealed that Americans view George W. Bush better than Barack Obama.

President George Bush

For the first time in more than a decade, Americans now view George W. Bush in a favorable light after he surpassed President Barack Obama in a recent CNN/ORC  poll. Fifty-two percent of Americans surveyed view Bush positively while 43 percent are actually thinking straight and view the president unfavorably. Americans were split 49 percent on their views of Obama.

The poll doesn’t capture who was the best president, but rather hones in on America’s utter amnesia of Bush’s historically notorious presidency that was complete with a trillion dollar war, disastrous foreign policy tactics that bred the conditions for an ISIS takeover and an economic downturn that nearly hit the Americans with a second Great Depression. When Bush left office his numbers were 35 percent viewing him favorably and 60 percent who weren’t happy with him.

Yet Obama whose presidential campaign was propelled by an anti-Bush agenda is now facing his own backlash for picking up the pieces of Bush’s presidential mess. Employment has soared compared to the United States' worst jobs record during Bush’s term and Obama pioneered universal healthcare and improved foreign relations (rather than being an invasive leader).

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Yet despite Obama’s significant change, Americans feel that race relations have not improved according to an Al Jazeera America/Monmouth University poll. The intensified racial tension combined with a majority of Americans’ recent drifting away from Obama and back to Bush could be a crucial indicator that the our country is still not comfortable with a black president — no matter how effective of a commander he is.

Not everything in the U.S. is perfect, but American life is drastically doing a lot better under Obama than during his predecessor. Six years out of office we somehow foolishly have forgotten how bad things can get when a Bush is president. 

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