Activists Fight To Stop Inhumane 'Driven Hunt' In South Africa

Unethical, inhumane hunting practice sparks a major controversy in South Africa. Activists call driven hunts a "slaughter."

Following the recent controversial killing of Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe, more hunting drama has come about in South Africa. 

Although considered legal by authorities, a recent week-long "driven hunt" has received a lot of negative attention and is even opposed by many hunters. 

“I’m here to support hunters,” protestor Rosarie Kemp reportedly said. “And I know it sounds strange, but hunting is part of what we do in this area. I just wanted to show that whatever those guys are doing is not hunting. And he makes us that do hunting in the right way with the right permits look really bad in the whole world.”

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In a driven hunt, animals are chased toward the hunters by "beaters" or "chasers."

Recently, at the Farm Braam, 83 beaters dressed in bright orange walked shoulder-to-shoulder, chasing antelope, baboons and warthogs toward the hunters who were positioned on wooden platforms along an open corridor and all animals in the middle were shot. 

Ammondale Driven hunt: 83 humans stretching for 1Km chasing the innocent animals into a barrage of guns. The sound of...

Posted by Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation on  Thursday, September 10, 2015

It was reported that 18 animals were killed on Monday, 20 more on Tuesday, and an estimated 98 have been killed in total. 

The hunters were seen covering their faces and heads in shame after the hunt, which is ironic, because why would you be ashamed of something you deliberately chose to do?

Driven Hunt In South Africa

The debate continues throughout South Africa about the inhumane practice.

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But, as long as it remains legal, lodge owners are continuously losing business and protestors are rallying against the hunters who participate in the act.

The Rate Payers Association of Limpopo have joined us today to give support against the unethical methods of killing wildlife for fun. Thank you..

Posted by Wild Heart Wildlife Foundation on  Thursday, September 10, 2015
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