People That Restore Our Faith In Humanity In The Darkest Of Times

Death, destruction, anger, misery… there seem to be way too much of negativity around us. But all is not lost- definitely not with people like these around.

Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Africa, Paris-With news of wars, terrorist attacks environmental disasters and human rights violations overwhelming our news feeds and timelines, it easy to get depressed.

Indeed, there are times, when all the negativity pushes one towards dismay and it’s easy to lose hope.

But all is not bad in the world, even if it seems this way at times.

The people in the video above give us hope and remind us that all is not lost- there is hope.

There are people out there who are compassionate, selfless and giving.

Their positivity makes this world a better place to live in and give us hopes of a better future.

They restore our faith in humanity in the darkest of times.

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