Soccer Player Caught On Camera Wishing He Raped A Teen Girl

The video shows Adam Johnson casually making jokes about raping a 15-year-old girl and saying he’s been jailed just because he’s a celebrity.

In January 2015, Adam Johnson, a former England footballer, was found guilty of sexual activity with a child.

Now, as he serves his six-year-prison sentence, a video showing him casually joking about raping a 15-year-old girl has come out into the open. In the footage, the 29-year-old can be seen sitting in what looks like the laundry room at Moorland Prison in South Yorkshire.

“It’s not like you f***ing raped her or owt like that?” one inmate says to him.

“No, I wish I f***cking did for six years,” the football star replies. He added that he never even got his c*** out while making disgusting remarks about the girl's breasts.

As the video moves forward, the ex-Premier League star is heard saying that he thinks he was given a longer sentence than usual just because he is a celebrity and in the public eye. He even whined there are other people with him in jail who have “s****** 12-year-olds” and got less than “half the time” he has been sentenced to.

Interestingly, the footballer has already admitted to grooming and then engaging in sexual activity with a child and last year, images of bestiality were discovered on his laptop. Yet, he requested a reduction in his prison sentence, which Court of Appeal judges denied.

The Ministry of Justice declined to comment on the footage captured at the prison.

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