Adam Lanza Took Own Life, Had Unused Ammo- Newtown CT Shooting Details Emerge

Adam Lanza's course of action, if not his motives, are emerging from the horrible scene at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown CT.

The Newtown, CT shooting and Adam Lanza's actions are gradually forming a picture as more and more pieces come into play. Adam Lanza first killed his mother, Nancy, at their home with one of the many guns that Ms. Lanza, who was divorced from Adam and Ryan Lanza's father, owned. He then drove to Newtown's Sandy Hook Elementary, armed with a high-powered rifle and lots of ammo. Lanza opened fire on one classroom, and moved on to a second. Amidst the rampage, teacher Victoria Soto (pictured above) and the school principal Dawn Hochsprung both perished attempting to protect the children.

It was in the second classroom that Adam Lanza heard first responders closing in on him, and he took his own life. The entire horrific episode lasted a matter of minutes, and left 27 dead, including Lanza. All of the 8 adults that died at Sandy Hook elementary were women. The episode emphasizes not just the power of guns in general, but the brutal efficiency of the specific weapon Adam Lanza had. Lanza had plenty of unused ammo on him when he died, and if the first responders hadn't been so quick to reach him, Lanza likely would have killed many more.

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