This Preschool Lets Adults Find The Lost Child Within Themselves

This is perfect for grown-ups who want to feel young again.

Preschool Mastermind

They say there is a child inside each one of us.

While that may be true, not everyone has the ability to bring out that childish persona on command. To help those who have lost touch with their former, naive self and want to discover the child within, a preschool for adults has popped up.

Named 'Preschool Mastermind,' this Brooklyn-based establishment organizes children's activities for soul-searching adults at a rather 'affordable' cost.

For a month-long program that could cost up to $999, normal adults attend this preschool and participate in activities like show-and-tell, finger painting, musical chairs, etc. And when they're tired with all the exhausting fun, they get to take naps – just like any other tot would have to.

Preschool for adults

Preschool Mastermind also arranges special events too such as 'four-year-old best' where grownup folks dress up in kids' attire too. To make the experience more real, the students are also taken field trips and are expected to be accompanied by their parents or guardians at the parents/teacher meeting.

This one-of-a-kind school is the brainchild of Michelle Joni Lapidos, who believes a person's mind is most free during childhood. This is when the thinking hasn't yet been shackled by societal norms.

Lapidos got the idea of this unique preschool when she started a skipping club in 2013. With some friends' help, she devised an entire month-long preschool course in which she helps people relearn those fundamental lessons which they forgot overtime or never fully grasped to begin with.

 “I realized all the implications of what we learned in preschool,” she added. “People come here and get in touch with their inner child. It’s magical.

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“Adults are in this routine, this stagnation, and by tapping into the ‘play’ part of our brains by skipping or doing the things that we did in preschool, we’re bringing ourselves back to another place, another time with ourselves, maybe when we were more believing of ourselves, when we were more confident and ready to take on the world. And I want to nourish that in people.”

When asked what exactly do her adult students get out of this experience, Lapidos added: “One person is here because they want to learn not to be so serious. Another’s here to learn to be more confident. It’s the things you don’t plan for, the sharing between friends and learning from and working off each other.”

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