SCOTUS Might Be About To Outlaw Affirmative Action For Universities

White privilege is one of the most grossly misused terms in modern discourse, but this is an example where it can actually be seen and understood

Demonstrating a level of tone-deaf cultural ignorance that would make even Donald Trump say “hey gang let’s try to be more sensitive here,” the United States Supreme Court is currently hearing arguments and preparing to vote on whether or not to outlaw affirmative action in this country.

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The Case

The story begins with white suburban teen Abigail Fisher applying to, and being rejected from, the University of Texas in 2008. Most kids and their families would use a rejection such as this to learn a bit of humility, figure out where the student could improve, and push forward to find admission at a different school.

The Fisher’s opted for the slightly less popular route of suing the University on the grounds that Abigail would have been admitted if it weren’t for the school’s affirmative action policies.

The case has bounced around from appeals court to appeals court for years and is now being heard by the highest authority in the land. Should the court side with Fisher it will set a legal precedent against affirmative action that could outlaw the practice forever.

The Problem

Early rumblings indicate that the justices may indeed vote in favor of the student and their comments and attitudes are especially troubling in the current climate of racial outrage that is taking place at Universities across the country.

Thousands of students have mobilized at their respective schools in protest against racist policies, hate speech, and a myriad of other insensitive incidents. And in response to all this, the country’s most powerful judicial body is currently mulling over whether to remove one of the very few policies that support minorities on college campuses.

The Bigger Problem

White privilege is one of the most grossly misused terms in modern discourse, but this is an example where it can actually be seen and understood. White privilege is not a term that means every white kid in the suburbs should be weeping every night over the injustices facing minorities, but it does mean that there are certain times when the majority receives just a taste of the unfair treatment that these marginalized groups experience regularly.

This family is suing a school because they can’t understand how it could possibly favor a minority student over their white daughter. It may very well have been that Fisher was compared to a similar minority student who was admitted over her because of race. But even if that’s the case the removal of such a practice won’t make the world any more racially neutral. It will simply remove one of the few checks against racism that exists.

Proponents of removing affirmative action claim that it makes the world more “fair” and “unbiased” but they are saying that while benefiting from countless other social forces that are unfair and biased in their favor.

The Future 

It is incredibly naïve to assume that society is capable of being fair without rules to enforce justice and affirmative action is one of the best rules we have to that effect. Removing affirmative action would create an opening for injustice not a barrier for its prevention.

Perhaps the real solution is that in the future student’s like Fisher should spend more time studying and less time scapegoating to avoid incidents such as this.   

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