'Affluenza' Family Strikes Again

Fred Couch, whose 'affluenza'-afflicted son got probation for 4 deaths, is in trouble himself.

Remembered the case that spawned "affluenza" and a whole lot of disgust? Maybe it's not the money that made the teen so irresponsible.

Fred Couch, the father of "affluenza" defense teen Ethan Couch, is in his own legal mess after he was arrested for allegedly impersonating a cop. 

Ethan Couch's case sparked outrage and disbelief after his defense centered on the notion he was never held responsible for his actions because his parents used their wealth to shield him from consequences. Ethan killed four people while drunk, but was sentenced to probation and counseling. 

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Next time, the defense should try DNA as a tactic. Fred Couch was arrested in North Richland Hills, Texas, after police accused him of impersonating an officer. Couch apparently arrived on the scene of a domestic disturbance, identifying himself as a cop to other officers and flashing a badge, the Dallas Morning News reports.

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Couch has a lengthy history of criminal charges filed against him. The Daily Mail counted more than 20 criminal cases against the Couch parents dating back 25 years; charges include theft, writing worthless checks and assault. 

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