Afghan Governor Killed In Bomb Attack On Mosque

"Mohammad Omar, governor of the German-garrisoned province of Kunduz, died alongside at least 14 others in the explosion and more than 30 were wounded. His killing was the most high profile assassination of an Afghan government official in a year and the first time a provincial governor has been killed since 2008. Mr Omar had survived three previous attempts on his life as he struggled to govern a province which has slipped from German control as the Taliban have sought to drive Nato out. A Taliban spokesman said the movement was responsible. Afghan police said Mr Omar had travelled to neighbouring Takhar province to pray at the Shirkat mosque. A large bomb detonated as he left and the mosque's imam was among the dead. Abdul Jabar Taqwa, governor of Takhar, said: ""He was the target, and the terrorists were able to kill him."" ""This is a big loss for us because Mohammad Omar was a very brave and good governor."" Kunduz was relatively peaceful until 2007 when the Taliban opened a northern second front against Nato. Since then, development projects have largely stalled and German troops have faced regular attacks and casualties. "