Afghan Strategy Is Focus As NATO Meets


President Obama arrived in a foggy, gloomy Portuguese capital on Friday morning to review strategy for the war in Afghanistan with NATO allies and hear directly from its president, Hamid Karzai, amid growing tension between Mr. Karzai and the coalition partners and mounting opposition to the war in their countries.

Other pressing issues also crowd the agenda for the two-day summit meeting: NATO’s “reset” of better relations with Russia, parallel to that between the United States and Russia; an alliance missile-defense system, perhaps with Russia’s cooperation, and a new strategic doctrine to justify NATO’s continuance for the post-cold war 21st century.

Before returning to Washington on Saturday night, Mr. Obama will also participate in a two-hour summit meeting with the leaders of the European Union. It comes amid renewed concern about the euro zone’s debt crisis, triggered by Greece earlier in the year, after a week in which Europe scrambled to bail out Ireland. The summit’s host country, Portugal, is among the zone’s most troubled economies.