Afghanistan Peace Conference Urges Hamid Karzai To Talk With Taliban

Delegates concluded Afghanistan’s national peace conference Friday by backing President Hamid Karzai's push to open negotiations with the Taliban in an attempt to end the fighting here. But the nearly 1,500 tribal elders and provincial leaders present also told Mr. Karzai that they want him to drop preconditions for such talks and for an end to air strikes in civilian areas – both proposals likely to be rebuffed by the Afghan government and Washington.Still, Karzai struck an optimistic note to end the three-day conference, or jirga, designed to give proposals to the government on how to end a war going on nine years.“You have shown us the path,” Karzai told attendants assembled in a tent. “We will follow that path step by step and, God willing, we will reach the end.”The jirga’s principle outcome – a call of peace and negotiations – was widely expected as the government closely vetted the delegates and set the parameters of the debate. Moreover, the Afghan government is not bound by th