After Obama Girl Its Obama Boy Who Has A Crush On President VIDEO

Elections are not taking place until November, but it seems that the President does have one confirmed vote!

Ladies and gentleman welcome Obama Boy. In the video, a riff on 2007’s Obama Girl, this time Justin Brown or the Obama Boy acknowledges his love and affection for the president in the upcoming elections which is manifested in the form of leaving him voicemails and shopping hoops with Obama cardboard cutout.

In addition to this Brown also drops several references to Obama’s gay rights record, including the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t tell (DADT) and his support for gay marriages. These are evident from lyrics which say: “You let us serve openly in the military, I’m so jealous of the first lady, gay marriage will soon be the norm, it makes me shiny and warm.”

With Barack Obama getting some positive press coverage, they would definitely be looking forward to a duet with Obama Girl and Obama Boy.
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