ISIS Is Just Another Problem The Bush, Cheney War Machine Created

These warmongering politicians and pundits fail to recognize that one of their own is the real creator behind the malignant force that is waging a war against humanity.

George W. Bush and Dick Cheney

In the wake of the devastating terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday night, right-wingers are quick to point fingers at Muslims and refugees in a grotesque, bigoted justification to ostracize Muslims and solidify reasoning as to why Syrian migrants don't deserve asylum. But these warmongering politicians and pundits fail to recognize that one of their own is the real creator behind the malignant force that is waging a war against humanity.

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During Saturday’s Democratic presidential debate, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders aggressively countered former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s position that the U.S. did not necessarily create Daesh.

"Let me have one area of disagreement with the secretary. I think she said something like the bulk of the responsibility [for ISIS] is not ours,” Sanders said. “Well, in fact, I would argue that the disastrous invasion of Iraq, something that I strongly opposed, has unraveled the region completely and led to the rise of Al Qaeda and to ISIS."

The political right has manipulated the Paris attacks to further their own agenda and intensify the crusade against Muslims and Syrian refugees. When Daesh claimed responsibility for the massacre and when a Syrian passport was found near the remains of a suicide bomber, conservatives ignorantly used this information as an opportunity to denigrate Islam and asylum seekers.

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The caliphate is not fueled by Islam or the plight of refugees, but rather Daesh is a product of the notorious 2003 George W. Bush invasion into Iraq. As noted previously on Carbonated.TV, the root causes of Daesh stem from Bush’s arrogant negligence to avenge his father and in turn, obliviously disregard how Western nations’ imperialist insertions into a complex geopolitical conflict will foster a whirlwind of cascading, violent consequences: 

“George W.’s invasion created the necessary conditions that led to the rise of ISIS. When he invaded Iraq and ousted Sunni minorities (like Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein) — instead placing Shiite leaders in control — he unleashed disastrous sectarian strife in a region that was already boiling with sectarian tensions right underneath the surface. With one poor foreign policy move, the Bush administration ripped away Sunnis’ power and livelihoods. It is no wonder that top ISIS commanders were once commanders in Hussein’s army. This in turn led these Sunnis to collaborate with Al Qaeda forces already present in the country, and thus radicalize in the wake of poverty and destruction. Plus the war itself (killing huge numbers of Iraqis and turning thousands into prisoners or refugees) convinced many that the terrorist narrative was indeed correct: that Americans will invade and force their Western values on you.”


Now the GOP is trying to warp the foreign policy discussion again to reflect their own xenophobic values, outright dismissing that the worst president in American history not only brought economic calamity to the country, but disastrous political ramifications across the world as well —that we are still battling to this day.

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