Ahmed Mohamed Finally Visits White House And Shares A Hug With Obama

President Obama made good on his White House invitation to 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed and the two finally met and shared an embrace.

Ahmed Mohamed, or more famously known as "bomb-clock kid," finally met President Barack Obama Monday night.

The POTUS invited the teen to the White House after catching word that he had been suspended and arrested for bringing a homemade, functioning clock to school. 

Mohamed attended "Astronomy Night" hosted at the White House for youth interested in science to see the White House and hear the president speak about new innovations and future NASA missions. 

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President Obama saw Mohamed in the audience and the two briefly chatted and shared a friendly hug. 

The humble, kind-spirited teen said a takeaway from this whole experience since the incident occurred back in September is, "don't judge a person by the way they look. Always judge them by their heart."

Does that sound like a kid who would build a bomb to you?

Meeting the president rounds out a series of famous introductions for Mohamed from visiting the Google and Facebook campuses in California to meeting astronauts Alvin Drew and John Grunsfeld. 

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