Air France probe a little bit closer to answers, investigator says

PARIS, France (CNN) -- Investigators are "getting a little bit closer" to determining what caused an Air France airliner to disappear into the The exact location of the crash is not known because the plane was not within any controllers radar when it disappeared, the flight data and cockpit voice recorders have not been recovered, and ocean currents have moved the bodies and debris that have been found. A large number of French, Brazilian and American ships are searching the waters, and the BEA has asked the European Space Agency to provide satellite imagery of the search area, said Olivier Ferrante, chief of the BEA search mission. Investigators are looking at the possible role of airspeed sensors known as pitot tubes, among other factors, but Arslanian cautioned reporters not to speculate about what happened. "It is far too early to imagine scenarios one way or another," he said. Theories range from electrical failure caused by a lightning strike to terrorism. "As an investig