Air India Passenger Finds Lizard in Lunch Tray

An Air India passenger was not happy when he found a lizard in his lunch.

Air India Passenger Finds Lizard in Lunch Tray

An Air India passenger was unpleasantly surprised by a lizard crawling out from under his burger on Thursday. “The unidentified passenger was flying on the Air India Delhi to London A1 111 flight when the creature apparently crawled out from under his cling-film wrapped meal,” says The Independent. The passenger immediately took a picture and, later, he filed a complaint the aircraft’s crew.

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The airline said in a statement on Saturday that no such complaint was filed, and that the whole “incident” is completely false, according to the Times of India



Apparently, this is not the first time Air India has attracted attention for a claim about critters in the food. A cockroach was said to be found in a food cart aboard Air India on a past flight, Times Now stated in a video.

In what the video referred to as a “very bizarre reaction,” the airline’s Aviation Minister, Ashok Gajapati Raju responded, “Air India is not expected to serve lizards.”

As they shouldn’t be. Unless anyone asks for one, perhaps Air India should keep lizards off the menu.

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