Airplane Passenger Chokes Another For Reclining Seat Too Far

A Southwest Airlines flight was forced to make an emergency landing last night after a passenger allegedly choked a woman for reclining her seat.

Flying can be extremely uncomfortable — you endure everything from screaming babies, to stuffy air, to people around you invading your personal space — but most people expect those kinds of inconveniences on an airplane so they just deal with it.

One Southwest Airlines passenger last night decided he was fed up and he wasn’t going to just “deal” with another passenger’s poor airplane etiquette.

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The flight was forced to make an emergency landing in Los Angeles after a woman allegedly claimed a man behind her tried to choke her because her seat was reclined back, msnbc reports.

Southwest didn’t confirm the choking but they released a statement saying,

“Flight #2010 from LAX to San Francisco International airport returned to Los Angeles to allow police access to the cabin because of a rapidly escalating situation involving passengers who were not traveling together.”

Witnesses onboard the aircraft gave the real scoop on the incident and revealed the alleged choking. 

“Evidently we’ve got two passengers who are in a physical altercation so we need to get turned around and get back to LAX,” the pilot of the plane reportedly told Air Traffic Control before landing safely in Los Angeles.

Laura Eimiller, an FBI spokeswoman, reportedly said a passenger was detained for questioning after the emergency landing but no arrests had been made. The other passengers had to switch planes and experienced about a five hour delay. (That delay might be a more valid reason to choke someone out...)

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As crazy as this situation sounds, it’s actually not all that surprising. People on planes are known to do some pretty intense stuff, perhaps sparked by anxiety from being at such high elevations or maybe bad reactions to drugs people might take to cope with their fears of flying.

Another outrageous incident occurred last night on an Aer Lingus flight headed from Lisbon to Dublin, Ireland. A man reportedly died after violently biting another passenger.

The man, who was reportedly from Brazil and studying in Ireland, randomly became agitated and irate and was restrained after he started biting someone.

He eventually fell unconscious and was later pronounced dead, according to a statement from the Irish police. While he was going through his episode, passengers reportedly said he was making very horrific sounds of distress.

I've seen some pretty pissed off people on planes before, but these two incidents take the cake. Last night was definitely not a good one for the "friendly" skies. 

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