Airports Reopen After Volcanic Ash Cloud Air Disruption

Airports across Europe are reopening after travellers faced weekend flight disruption caused by the volcanic ash cloud. Most European airports, bar a few in Portugal, are due to open as normal. Eurocontrol, the European air safety body, said some airspace closures were still in place over Iceland, the Atlantic and Portugal. Porto Santo and Funchal, in Madeira, and Cascais and Lisbon in Portugal will remain closed until at least 1000 GMT. In all, more than 200 flights were grounded over the weekend in Portugal, including 71 at Lisbon's airport. There will still be re-routing of aircraft over the Atlantic Ocean on Monday, which may cause some delays. UK air traffic control service Nats has no airspace closures. Portugal, France and Austria were all forced to ground some flights on Sunday night.