Aleppo's Old City Now A Ghost Town On The Front Line In Syria Video

The war in Syria has destroyed the old city of Aleppo. The heritage city is now just a shadow of its former self.

Once the show case of heritage, Aleppo is now, just a ghost town – just another casualty in the costly civil war which has claimed more than 50,000 lives.

Al Tawhed brigade, free Syrian army fighter, Abu Othman, said that, "Bashar al Assad destroyed the mosques and old souks, one of the oldest souks in the world. Now all the souks are destroyed, goods are burnt and people's livelihoods have stopped completely, We haven't had water or electricity in two months."

The 21 month old conflict in Syria – which is still on going, has completely shattered the life in this heritage town of Aleppo. From war torn buildings to burnt trucks – people’s livelihood – almost everything is destroyed.

It wasn’t long ago that Aleppo was the hub of tourism and trade. People would come to pray in its age old mosques, shop for shoes or green olive soap. All that, is no more now. Everything from ancient bathhouses to fountains – everything is broken and destroyed – just another reminder of how costly the war has been both in terms of lives and livelihood.

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