This Is A Group Hug We All Need

When asked if there was any tension over the recent crisis in Ukraine, the International Space Station (ISS) crew members from Russia, US, and Germany had just one answer and that was worth a million words.

Political tension may be running high but we’re glad that those haven’t come in the way of friendship for these few – Germany, Russia and the US. This photo of International Space Station crew members Alexander Gerst of Germany, Maxim Surayev of Russia and Reid Wiseman of the U.S. hugging each other just elevates the spirit and gives one hope.

The three friends have had years of training together and have come close and become more like family than friends.. However during a press conference for their trip to the International Space Station scheduled on May 29th, they could not escape a very apparent question, “Because of the events in Ukraine that we all know about, the relationship between the United States, Russia and Germany became pretty tense. Do you feel this tension on the level of your team?”
They could have answered the question in great detail but they just stood up and hugged each other.

“This is our answer,” said the vey American Wiseman in Russian.

“Yes, this is our answer for everyone to see,” Suraev added.

In response to a similar question, Gerst said, “I think it means a lot if you look at our crew as not just a team of three different guys from three different nationalities or continents – we are actually a group of friends.”

 “Space is without borders, we fly to an international space station where we do experiments that come back to Earth and benefit all of us – they benefit all humankind,” he added.

The commander of the team later sent out a group selfie promising that they will all be tweeting from orbit.

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